• Fortune


    Fortune is designed with metallic luster and delicate vinyl-coated polyester fabrics in 16 decorator colors. It can be used for residential and commercial.
  • Naturescreen


    Nature Screen features fabrics that combine two tone yarns with traditional patterns. With a color palette of hushed naturals and rich earth tones, this collection offers a range of classic options designed to suit any style of decor or personal preference.
  • Varia


    Varia is designed to be both beautiful and durable. We offer a range of colors and jacquard patterns for interior and exterior use.
  • Iceblack


    Iceblack provides improved near-infrared reflectance. The new technology has the same durability and dimensional stability as
    standard product, but with enhanced heat reflective properties in the infrared spectrum. This results in dark color fabrics performing similar in thermal performance to white fabrics while maintaining the excellent view through and glare control of dark fabrics.
  • Clear Vision

    Clear Vision

    White or light color with much better glare control and energy saving. The transfer of visual light for white color improved from 17% to 9% compare with normal basket white color.
  • Silverscreen


    Silverscreen metallized fabrics are the ultimate in sun control, providing significant solar heat reduction in all colors. Get the best performance features and sun control in a single fabric.
  • Flat Basket

    Flat Basket

    FB with Sanitized Protection is designed and manufactured to inhibit the growth of microorganisms on your fabric, providing long lasting fabric protection for comfort and peace of mind. Unique designed 2X1 basketweave are thinner and more lightweight than many other fabrics. better Flame Retardant and weatherability. We offer these vinyl-coated polyester fabrics in several openness and colors. It can be used for interior applications.
  • Outdoor Basket

    Outdoor Basket

    OB with Sanitized Protection is designed and manufactured to inhibit thegrowth of microorganisms on your fabric, providing long lasting fabric protection for comfort and peace of mind. Offering excellent mechanical resistance and high dimensional stability for extra-wide roller blinds, is an excellent choice for high traffic areas and exterior applications due to its thick polyester core yarns and weather resistant PVC coating. The reinforced core gives superior strength, making it more stronger. Perfect for creating an outdoor living space, it can be used for increased privacy, wind control, rain and bug protection as compared to other exterior bug screens.
  • Ultrafine Twill

    Ultrafine Twill

    Provides more zephyr, softly and exquisite, designed with 60Tex ultrafine coated yarn, particularly Suitable for compact installation space. It features a PVC coated polyester fabric constructed with a dual-sided weave diamond pattern that offers a decorative appearance. An ideal choice for residential applications while also being suitable for commercial applications due to its energy efficiency and superior dimensional stability. With an offset twill pattern, provides two distinct sides, making it a truly reversible fabric and allowing for versatility indesign. UDT is a thinner version of the style D.
  • Ultrafine Basket

    Ultrafine Basket

    Provides more zephyr、softly and exquisite, combine 60Tex ultrafine polyester coated yarn and classic 2X2 basketweave, particularly Suitable for compact installation space. .It can be widely used for residential and commercial,improving solar protection and privacy。
  • Sheerscreen


    This vinyl coated polyester 1X1 fabric offers substantial shading and excellent outward visibility with improved daytime privacy.
  • Serge GS

    Serge GS

    Decorative twill pattern with a fiberglass reinforced core yarn, and engineered to perform in the harshest of climates, for the widest retractable solar screens, roller shades and zipper systems. Built for use in both residential and commercial settings. Serge GS is an excellent choice for high traffic areas and exterior applications due to its thick reinforced fiberglass core yarns and weather resistant PVC coating. The twill pattern gives a decorative diagonal line texture with a wide palette of color options.