High elasticity bending resistance fabric shutter

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Waterproof, fire retardant, healthy &environment-friendly, antibacterial, high color fastness Grade 8 ISO105BO2: 2014,not easy to fade in 5 years.


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Fabric shutter2
Fabric shutter3
Fabric shutter4

Waterproof, antibacterial,antistatic. Nano coating isapplied on the blade surface,which is not easy to adhere tostains. It can be cleaned immediately after being wipedwithout washing.

Fire Resistant(Suncreen Series)
Heat-insulated, energy-saving,fire-resistant. Flame retardantmeets NFPA standard, andsome products can be as high as nationalstandard B1 (CN).

The slats are made of fabricand have soft edges that donot hurt hands.

Fabric shutter6
Fabric shutter7
Fabric shutter8
Fabric shutter9
Fabric shutter10
Fabric shutter11
Fabric shutter12
Fabric shutter13
Fabric shutter14
Vertical curtain13-1

Inside Mount
1.Blinds Width=Window Winth (W)-5mm2.Blinds Height=Window Height
1.Depth must least 70 mm

Outside Mount
1.Blinds Width=Window Winth+100mm2.Blinds Height=Window Height+200mm

Vertical curtain13_2
Fabric shutter16
Fabric shutter17
Fabric shutter18
Fabric shutter19

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